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  • armanmirhadi

Another One Gone

I saw her Dance.

Feeding from a Room Full of Attention.

Youth and Virtue. All that I wanted.

Another young girl with all the love in the world.

We didn’t need to speak.

I saw her and knew.

There was a photo booth beside the bar. Perfect!

I grabbed her hand and whispered: “Come with me.” We disappeared into the booth. The curtain closed and we were alone.

The camera started working.

And we started kissing.

Her lips were soft and her eyes were sweet.

“Paint it Black” roared outside and the crowd went wild.

Hidden and Secret.

My hand slid under her skirt and she started moaning: “Not here.”, spurring me on.

Just as she started falling, she caught herself:

“Not here.”, she said.

I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear: “I live five minutes from here. Come with me.”

She tried to withstand, then found herself looking into my eyes, searching for truth.

But both of us knew already.

I grabbed her hand and we escaped the club.

A smile to the bouncers, then us two alone on the streets. The party was over and early morning hours were about to bring peace to the city.

I put her against every wall and kissed her in every corner. We had conquered the streets together!

Two souls, too young to regret.

“I gotta work in the morning!”, she said.

I gently grabbed her soft cheek, looked deep into her eyes, and told her: “We got all the time in the world.”

Then she jumped me.

The door opened and we were on the sofa.

Minutes turned into hours, as time was bent by our heat like hot metal into a sharp dagger stabbing right into our hearts.

I couldn’t believe it. All of a sudden and completely unexpected, pure attraction gave way to love.

It was right there in front of me. Glowing in her eyes. Too pure to deny.

I smiled when I saw her spot the reflection of her heart in my eyes as well.

“Maybe we’ll get married.”, she joked.

“Yeah, maybe.”, I said.

“Maybe we really will.”

I saw that she meant it.

She wanted to feel me and I pulled her towards me. I gave her a gentle kiss, then kissed her eyes.

She kept them closed and we were in that dream together.

When we fucked I realized I could love again.

I got lost studying every fine detail in her delicate face as she was laying there under me.

I held her in my arms all night and when we woke up she was late and had to run out for work. I kissed her and told her to text me when she arrived.

“I have your number right?”, she asked.

“Yes.”, I said.

We were both still half asleep, still dreaming.

She left. The door closed. Finally, I sat. Then I started to think.

She did not have my phone number. I did not take hers. Actually, I had no information on her whatsoever, other than a first name.

And there she was gone.

The magic had died too fast.

I remember her asking: “Do you think it’s real?”

I told her: “I believe good things happen to good people.”

“I believe you are right.”, she said.

That’s another one gone with a piece of my heart.


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