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  • armanmirhadi

A moment of everything

They say sit and bleed. If I just knew better.

My son played in the garden. My wife was cooking dinner. She wore a light summer dress, tight above her round belly. I hugged her from behind, kissed her, and felt my unborn baby girl.

Jack was playing with the neighbor’s son. He was a quiet kid, but when he smiled nobody could withstand it. I just wished he’d do so more often. Only 3 years old and I already saw myself in him. Quietly taking in his surroundings and looking for a way to get an advantage for himself.

It took me a long time to overcome my selfishness. I was hoping he wouldn’t be like that. Come after Laura. She had her days too, but I couldn’t imagine someone more gentle than her. She put her love for us first and wouldn’t think otherwise. She was like an angel with Jack and she would have been magical with my little girl.

The life I had that day was everything. Hearing my son laugh joyfully outside. Smelling my wife’s food and knowing that in three months’ time I’d had another member of the Chauvert Family.

Today I only feel regret, thinking about that day. I only feel pain.

This war took everything from me.


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