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  • armanmirhadi

The Construct of Civilization

Those people that didn’t see their friends die, or never pushed a knife through a man’s throat to stay alive, look at war as if it was a game of chess. The battleground the wooden board, the soldiers, tanks, artillery, and planes the pieces, ready to be moved around on the black and white spaces to gain the tactical advantage.

Those people never saw the underlying force of civilization that rests in hibernation during peace and comes out on the battlefield. Those people don’t understand the true nature of what lies under their commands, because they are unable to think the way an armed fighter can think. They don’t get to see what an 18-year-old boy gets to see when taken from the arms of his mother into the red-trenched mud, fighting for his life against a machine of horror.

Humanities past, present, and future is built on violence.

Violence is the underlying factor of any civilization's origins, maintenance, and rise.

The politicians don’t understand what violence is in its purest form. They do however understand that owning the monopoly on it is crucial for not just their position, but the position of the state itself.

A parking ticket won’t be paid because of the 30 $ fine, or the threat of a following, an even higher fine, it is being paid, because if not, at some point, the monopoly of violence will come to take the violator by force and put them to jail.

It will be paid, because of the underlying threat of violence.

The people in constitutional power own the monopoly of violence, and can therefore order a part of the slaves (police) to enforce their rules on the majority of the slaves (citizens).

And all of that works well and fine and will be accepted, as long as chaos is being prevented and murderers, rapists, and wrongful people will be taken care of.

Unfortunately, the monopoly of violence can enforce every rule the constitutional power orders to be true.

And constitutional power only is a mixture of people, who worked extraordinarily hard on a career that not just rewards, but requires a level of corruption, fake smiling, lying, and adaptive manipulation.

Finally, when domestic problems split a country and conflicts with other nations start to escalate, those people that clawed their way to power will order mass death.

Politicians have the power to decide about violence.

The generals plan violence.

The soldier goes to die for the construct of civilization, which will always in its purest and truest form be:



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