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  • armanmirhadi

Dangerous Men

What can a man do that doesn’t have interests? That doesn’t have hobbies. One that doesn’t have a woman’s love. One that doesn’t have parents, family, or the safety of a warm home.

He can die.

They leave them alone in small rooms and let them fuel their veins with liquor until they go crazy and grab a robe or a gun. A man that has lost it all will become a machine of destruction. Therefore pain becomes that man’s only home. Society doesn’t want those men. Women don’t want those men. And with every year going by, other men take more and more from the life they won’t ever see. Oh god, we learn so fast that things won’t be okay.

A man that has nothing becomes bitter, and every time fall takes the leaves off the trees it takes more confidence of that man’s shoulders too.

And the small room gets smaller. And it gets darker. Those men sleep into the afternoon because there is nothing to see even after waking up. When they are awake they watch other men get kissed and hugged and given love from the women that wouldn’t even look at them. And when they were playing in the sand just a couple of years ago as children, they were all the same and girls weren’t monsters, just disgusting. Other men were not enemies, they were friends.

Now there is only pain. And soon men turn bitter. They start hating. And hatred is born in the darkness until it burns into the light. It won’t stop if a man won’t stop it.

And for a man to stop he has to be strong. And for a man to be strong there has to be a woman.

So hatred becomes all those men know. Like a parasite, it grows inside of them until it starts to devour all clarity and sense. Men start to slip and once they slip it all just keeps getting worse. A man loses reality, that’s when a man loses control. And a man without control that's the most dangerous of them all.

There never was talk of fairness in this world.


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