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  • armanmirhadi

From Fortune to Happiness

It was a bar. Not a pub. It was a place like from your dreams. There was smoke. And there were people too. People that meant harm like I would learn. I leaned over the wooden bar, rustic, old, a kind of wood you would remember. My gaze was gliding over the colorful array of liquor bottles, proudly representing the bottleneck to hell.

Numbers were picking through my temple like a woodpecker gone mad. Numbers that should stack and stack, that would keep me prisoner. Numbers that promised happiness at the end of a sale to save my life.

The cost of fortune was a life that was true.

I picked the green bottle and told the bartender to mix it with the white, who smiled through me with his ever-dark eyes. He knew guys like me. The guys who put their greedy noses so deep into every book about money as they could, without losing the printed truth in their sights. Bartenders know more about life than your priest at church. Priests lie to you. They tell you that you’ll be an angel.

Bartenders serve the fallen angels with drunken tears of truth.

They see rich people, poor people, and people who’ve lost it all.

They see how people pay, what people order, and how they talk to each other.

They see how they change their behavior in public to serve social consent.

Bartenders know everything about humanity and choose to look away.

It has never given me much hope to stay in a bar for long.

But there are some corners of society you just have to explore, it’s like you can’t help yourself.

I explored what it feels like to be poor and in the end, I would make it all the way to riches, but the road in between was a story too sad to be told. Or just the way I deserved it to be.

You could say it started with a girl called Mia. She was who made me feel like a man for the first time. When I met her I was stunned by her beauty. I mean she was gorgeous! She was every man’s dream. And every guy wanted her. I wanted her from the second I saw her. And I never thought I had any chances. That was back when I was a kid, fresh out of school, and still optimistic about the world. Feeling superior in anything and everything, and already being the greedy prick I am now. For some reason she liked me and we started seeing each other. It was when I was all sweaty and happy, when I saw her naked ass in front of me, stretched up in the air, a thing of beauty. Her pussy open and shining wet, her eyes full of lust, turned back at me.

“Take me.”, She simply said. That’s when I realized I’d do everything for this. It’s when I realized that, right there was why there are expensive watches, shiny cars, buildings that touch the clouds, luxury hotels, nice apartments, fancy vacations, and oversized vodka bottles in the club. That’s why men go to business school, that is why men grow up to take from other men. That is why society has running water and electricity on demand and it is why there never will be peace.

I’d decided then right there I was ready to do anything to have this ass and all asses. Whatever it took, I’d be there for it.

I enrolled in business school the same month.



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