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  • armanmirhadi

Man of the Sea

Drunken voices screaming from pain.

I have seen her already, there is nothing more to gain.

Her eyes are glowing, makes me go insane.

But I must break her heart, no time to retain.

Conquering the oceans, like a wild man.

Sinking your ship, just because I can.

Battle Scars are showing, no time to explain.

Leaving my enemies in trenches, part of the campaign.

A new woman every day to fill the hole.

I am fucking the beauty and showing her my soul.

Only looking at her, she is losing control.

I know who I am, just playing my role.

Blue ocean, crying salty tears.

Don’t worry baby, we have many more years.

I’ll take you over the edge, we are pioneers.

Close your eyes and trust me, I’ll take your fears.

Another million years to love again.

Oh, baby, I hope you’ll be happy then.

I’ll see you again, don’t ask me when.

For now, I am off to the sea, gotta go fuck that Jenn.


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