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  • armanmirhadi

Flying Together

In my dreams, on those warm clouds so far up, are you, watching and waiting, looking down from the endless blue sky.

There are seven thousand meters to the hard concrete floor of reality, that is dark and wet and cold and dead. Down there the world keeps spinning, faster than the human mind can think, trapping thoughts of hope and savagely killing all desire to escape, in a bundle of ignorance, too strong to make out as such.

Your eyes shine, they reflect all light, showing me the reason for ALL. A power far too strong to understand, too strong to grasp, and yes, maybe even too strong to hold on to.

As brutal as a wild bull shaking and roaring, trying to toss off the poor rider, who is desperately clinging on, praying, and hoping, as every muscle of that wild beast twitches and steams, fuelled with the unstoppable force of adrenaline and testosterone.

Yes, I see love in your eyes!

You saw me from heaven. Down there in those dark streets, in a bubble so fake and so strong, life seems lost and love a million miles away. But there are only seven thousand meters to that warm, welcoming heaven, the fountain of magic, the floating island so high, so high I can only hope it is really there.

I can’t fly in that lonely bubble, only float, just above the dark graves of ordinary lives.

Our eyes meet. Light steams out of yours, like the holy sunlight crashing through the colorful windows of an old church, into mine, nurturing my old soul, like fresh mountain water traveling down a small creek, from the rocky peaks, to the green wooden forests, into a hidden lake in the valley.

You give me the power I have missed for so long and I escape the bubble, I make it bloat open, explode like an atomic bomb so loud, bursting six blocks of grey walls and violent prison. Your energy pushes through my spine like lightning, into every inch of my body, it makes every cell dance in trance.

My heart has been opened and you blow love inside, like a ballon it expands and now, ascends to the sky. I float, upwards to you.

I forget the world beneath me, the world some unknowing souls would mistake for reality, while my eyes scream with joy in your sight! Your face so soft, your lips so full. I get lost in the endless waves of your dark hair and find myself holding your warm hand gently in mine. I am standing on that cloud with you.

Together we are free! We are strong! Our souls were lost, unstable, about to slip and now they hold each other and won’t let go. After a hundred years of separation, maybe five hundred, maybe 10 Billion, they could meet again. They might have been traveling together in the same asteroid that brought life to earth or imploded into the universe from the rich remains of a dying star, whatever, where, and how, they found each other and that is all that counts. Connected by all good spirits in this world.

And now your lips! So perfect! So full! We meet. We kiss. Our bodies light up in a blazing fire and we create a new world, that vibrantly and colorfully explodes into old darkness with new light, our light.

Our powers connect, fill what was lost, and complete what wasn’t there.

I look into your eyes and see the light that saved me. I feel the story of generations, of mankind’s struggle for life, and the future we will create.

I hold your hand. I press it strong and don’t let go, i look at you, you incredible thing, you beautiful being, chosen by god.

You are my queen and now I can see, with all the love you taught me to feel, so far up there in my dreams, on the warm clouds gliding on the sea blue sky. I am awake and the magic is real.

I hold you tight and look into your eyes and I can finally see,

we are flying together.


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